Milk Flavored Straws

Milk Magic, the easiest and most fun way to flavor a glass of milk.

These fun straws have been helping parents persuade picky drinkers to sip their milk and have empty glasses for over a decade. 

Milk Magic is all about creating an experience while drinking milk. For many kids, and their parents, drinking milk is a struggle.

These straws have fun candy flavors, without all the extra sugar. All of the straws have less than six grams of sugar, much less than other milk flavorings, just enough to add a flavor to the milk and make it an experience.

Milk Magic straws are also portion controlled, no scooping, measuring or stirring, just Dip, Sip, and Enjoy!

Create an experience around drinking milk and watch it disappear, with Milk Magic.

And as always gluten free, non-gmo, and BPA free straws.