This Collection includes, delights from Teaspress & The Flower Pot Tea Company & Vahdam Teas . Providing the Most Extraordinary Tea Experience The Blooming teas are made by gently infusing healthy green tea leaves with the essence of fruit and wrapping them around delicate dried flowers. What you get is the vegetal flavor of the tea with all its health benefits finished with a hint of a sweet fruit. For a caffeine-free indulgence, we bring you pure flowers in their natural form with our floral tisanes. Sweet and earthy, their gentle aroma will mellow you down with surprising and unfamiliar flavors. Make sure to fully enjoy the magic unfolding in your cup how it can best be viewed, with our elegant glassware. COFFEE INSPIRED TEA. TAKE A MOMENT TO LET IT SINK IN. Teaspressa is an all-natural, specially blended tea that was created to be brewed in a way you have never seen before - nothing like the traditional methods. Make Teaspressa shots, just like espresso. Add water or milk to make an americano or latte. Each cup has a dense body and some even have the same caffeine amount as coffee. We suggest brewing with a moka pot, aeropress, french press or pour over. OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS 2019 - Vahdam Teas has been featured in the prestigious Holiday Gift Guide curated by Oprah Winfrey for 2 consecutive years now. Indulge in a play of flavors with this exquisite gift of the most alluring blends.