We would proudly like to introduce you to KAI & PIXIE-LES PETITES, our playfully classic children's collection of chic curiosities.

This collection was curated to capture the hearts of parents and children alike and hope that it creates a sense of wonderment. We hope that with these products, sweet little faces light up with excitement and these charming products will inspire differently, because childhood is only for a short time & needs to be treasured. 

Our collections always consist of design-led and trend forward, premium quality products and the this theme is represented in this collection as well. The products that are in this collection have been our personal favorites for years and we are honored to share them with you. As always, products are high end, premium quality, and design-led. We collect unique pieces from many parts of the globe to bring to you a unique collection, for you to feel a sense of wonder. It is an honor to represent world renowned and award winning companies whose style and values match ours. 

With this collection, we aim to inspire children to see a bigger world and to dream big and to enjoy being a child, to dream, imagine, play and always experience wonderment.