Peach Sugar Cubes (Mini)
Peach Sugar Cubes (Mini)
Peach Sugar Cubes (Mini)

Peach Sugar Cubes (Mini)

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Peach Sugar Cubes (Mini)

You'll win the "Best Friend" award for this fun gift! A sweet rendition of all natural peach with cane sugar that makes for the most exciting champagne experience!  An all natural sugar cube, fused with sweet peaches and made locally. These cubes feature a captivating classic peach taste!

Highly recommended in champagne to add a little peachy taste, sparkling water to make an italian soda, or in a lemonade to make a summer peach lemonade!

Drop these in anything sparkling and you'll also have a little magic bubbly show that will leave decorative fruit toppings left floating on top. To make simply drop in a sugar cube or two!

ALL of these sugar cubes are handmade with natural ingredients. Nature can take its course and with that in mind the sugar cubes tend to have variations whether it be color, size and shapes of the natural toppings, and form. 

These cubes are also tasty in coffee and bubblies!

Ingredients: cane sugar, organic peach extract, organic orange dye & natural peach

Mini, includes 6 cubes per pack

Pair with: coffee, tea and gin

No artificial flavors or dye.

As Seen on Shark Tank

Made in the U.S.A.