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Hello there!

I am Priyanka Mathur, a creative entrepreneur based in Trinidad & Tobago, with a penchant for a well designed anything, a love for rose scents, addiction to desserts (esp macarons), flower lover (hydrangeas and roses) and a healthy obsession with gold foil, letterpress and lifestyle products.

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog!

I am the proud co-founder of Kai & Pixie and resident blogger here at Pixie's Post-its. I am also a full blown paper lover, stationery and lifestyle enthusiast.

I can also blame my horoscope, (hello fellow Libras!) for my love of luxury and surrounding myself with beautiful things, having my surroundings tastefully decorated, fresh flowers, candles lit, pictures straightened on the wall, neat and clutter free, minimalist, with a touch of glam, a little gold and sparkle.

I love my space to smell like the sea and citrus, as the flame of a candle relaxes me, a vase with beautiful flowers that instantly uplift me , art prints of places I've been and family pictures on my walls, a clean minimal space is where I am my best, with Frank Sinatra in the background when im feeling stressed, otherwise silence is when I can concentrate the best.

I have always loved beautiful spaces and noticed decor and it was encouraged when I would visit gorgeous hotels, castles that showcased the lives of the past monarch. From the intricate tapestries to the unapologetic glamour of the hall of mirrors at Versailles in France.

From my blog posts you can expect musings from a stationery enthusiast and lifestyle tips , and join me on my never ending quest for beautiful finds . I'll ensure that I and those who I share it with indulge in, adore and share with others.

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Let me introduce you to our company and what you can expect from our blog on our never-ending quest for beautiful finds.

Kai and pixie products are geared as celebrating life everyday moments and surrounding yourself with beautiful and functional pieces.

We are about the lifestyle and passion that goes into the love of paper. My finds come primarily from the US and The UK, which have been influenced my my life travels and loves. Our collection consists of elegant stationery with modern motifs, we see our company as being modern, fanciful and a tad bit cheeky. It represents our personalities and our daily lives as we are committed to having products that are unexpected and make your eyes smile.

I would love to share with you my knowledge, my loves, my reviews , my interests, whats new and upcoming, lifestyle tips, and just inspire you to live a happy beautiful life surrounding yourself with exquisite pieces that represent your personality, your elegance & sophistication with items that inspire you to be the best you.

Kai & Pixie was born from my passion for stationery and specialty paper products. My aim with this company is to inspire creativity and provoke thoughtfulness with gorgeous stationery, modern party goods, chic office and desk decor and irresistible gifts. While we are obsessed with stationery, we are o much more than that and are excited to show you what more we have planned.

We carry modern, fanciful and lighthearted/cheeky products that aim to encourage you to live your best life in the most beautiful way with gorgeous accessories. You can expect our products to be elegant with modern motifs.

Welcome to my world of luxury, inspiration, modern stationery filled world, that will introduce you to high quality products that are affordable and luxurious .

Sincerely yours,
Your resident paper lover and stationery aficionado.
Stationery & Lifestyle Expert

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  • Sharlie Seebaran

    Hi good day tour blog is really amazing ,expecially to see someone from my caribbean country into this stuff
    I to have a passion for stationary and paper products keep up the good work on your blog i hope to shop soon and win some prizes

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